Why David is running

for re-election as your Mayor

David has led the City to embrace a new vision for our future and to position Fairfax as the “best-in-class” jurisdiction in our region.  He understands the importance of retaining the best of our traditions while leading Fairfax to be a superior city, both regionally and globally.


David strengthened our tax base with over $650 million in new, private-capital investment, led the Council to adopt a new Comprehensive Plan that will make our City more connected, walkable, and vibrant.  In 2019 alone, the City’s total assessment grew 3.94% (commercial 6.25% and residential 2.69%) – the largest increase in a decade.  Fairfax City is now viewed as a community moving forward.


David will continue to lead our community in creating new spaces where citizens can work, learn, and live together in a safe, healthy, and productive environment.


Economic Development

“Our most recent three years has proven that we can change our City for the better while retaining the connection that gives all of us the unique sense of place we call Fairfax.”

In February 2019, David led the Council to adopt a new Comprehensive Plan, a visionary guide for our collective, preferred future. This plan will create and re-create public spaces, streets, parks, residential neighborhoods and commercial centers that are accessible, walkable, safe, and connected.  David led the Council to implement this new Comprehensive Plan by starting the City’s first two “Small Area” plans – one for our historic downtown and one for Northfax.

The redevelopment of existing commercial areas is best achieved when development includes right-sized and right-purposed plans, that create community between our residences and our public spaces – our markets and our social places (libraries, parks, churches, restaurants, etc.).  This is especially important for large, under-performing commercial areas whose original design and purpose is increasingly disconnected from what we want and need.

David’s specific accomplishments in economic development include:

  • Jump-starting the languishing Scout at the Circle project.  Now, this $155 million project is nearing completion and will become an exciting new entrance to our City.

  • Led the Council to approve the Capstone Collegiate housing center on six acres of commercial land in our downtown.  This $80 million project will rejuvenate the economic life in the center of our City and create a stronger connection to George Mason University.

  • Facilitated Council approval of the Fairfax NOVUS Gateway in Kamp Washington.  This $125 million project currently under construction will replace abandon commercial acreage with new residences and retail space.•    

  • Redevelopment of Northfax East, with a new retail commercial center at the intersection of University Drive and Fairfax Blvd, replacing an old, deteriorating shopping center with new grocery and retail shops.

Central to all these initiatives, David will ensure that any and all development must be consistent with our Comprehensive Plan and protects and enhances those existing neighborhoods in close proximity.



Fairfax City has for many years enjoyed relatively low taxes because of our strong local commercial tax base.  When I became Mayor, I established a priority to strengthen our commercial properties.  Although no one likes taxes, this revenue enables our City to provide its citizens with superb services – the best in our region, and perhaps the best in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

While our overall tax burden is one of the lowest in the Northern Virginia region, our residents are understandably concerned that taxes on real estate have increased.  This increase has “made up” for reductions in revenue the City receives from Federal and State sources, as well as increased costs for education, public safety, IT, and storm water management, among other needs.  As your Mayor, I am intentionally focused on redevelopment of our commercial centers that will create new sources of income for our City for the long-term.

As your Mayor, I consistently monitor the conservative management of your tax dollars.  Last year, this resulted in the City having its AAA bond rating renewed.  Only ten other cities in Virginia have achieved this rating.  

We are fortunate to have a competent, dedicated, and honest local government.  We get a real bargain for the dollars we pay in taxes.  But we must be intentional about expanding our tax base to meet the needs of the next generation.  And we can do this in a smart, focused way that preserves what is best of what we have while creating the best for our future.  This is the path forward to keep our taxes as low as reasonably achievable.



As your Mayor, David has:

  • Obtained $120 million in new transportation funding targeted for congestion relief, improved pedestrian connectivity, and enhanced safety.  One example is the completion of the expanded intersection at Fairfax Blvd (Rt. 50) and Chain Bridge Road (Rt. 123).

  • Captured $13.4 million from the I-66 concession payment (no tax dollars) for the construction of the George Snyder Trail from I-66 and Rt.123 to connect to the Wilcoxon Trail just west of Fairfax Circle.

  • Garnered additional funds from the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission to improve the operation of our CUE bus system

  • Led the Council to build the pedestrian walkway on Rust Curve, scheduled for completion in the Summer of 2020.

  • Developed and obtained Council approval of a new sidewalk connection policy to prioritize and connect our sidewalks in neighborhoods across the City.



As your Mayor, David has worked, and will continue to work, with your elected School Board to support their efforts to provide a first-rate education for our students.  As the parent of two graduates of our City schools, husband of a high school teacher, and the former PTSA President at Fairfax High School, David is passionately committed to support funding to keep our school facilities and programs distinctly superior.  Education is the single largest expenditure of our City (40% of our general revenue budget), and David believes that investing in our children is the best assurance that our community and our nation will continue to thrive in the years ahead.

David understands first-hand the importance of early childhood education.  Preparing children to be ready for Kindergarten is one of the most important factors in ensuring a child academic success in later years.  Both of David’s children attended the Pre-school at Fairfax United Methodist Church.  Recently, both at the national and state level, there has been a stronger focus to ensure that children who are most at risk for not having access to Pre-K instruction receive Pre-K services.  David is committed to working with our School Board to identify options to expand access to Pre-K services for any eligible child in our City.



As Mayor, David established an Advisory Committee on Affordable Housing that prepared a report to the City Council with specific recommendations and goals to expand the available of quality affordable housing.  David also initiated the incorporating of the Council’s 2015 Affordable Housing Policy into the City’s Zoning Ordinance.  Adoption of this new ordinance is scheduled for the Spring of 2020.   This new ordinance will provide specific guidance to all future development projects regarding the creation of new affordable dwelling units.

David also strongly supports the Renaissance Housing Corporation (RHC) and its efforts to improve and upgrade existing, older housing in the City.  As Mayor, David help lead the RHC to expand the categories of housing types eligible for financing and was instrumental in securing funding for RHC.


Public Safety

As Mayor, David led the effort to plan, fund, and break ground for the new Fire Station 33 on Fairfax Blvd.  This facility will be the first new fire station in the City in 45 years.  It will reduce fire fighter exposure to carcinogens in post-fire decontamination and will ensure 100% gender equity for our women fire fighters.  

As Mayor, David led the Council to construct and dedicate in 2019 a new Police firing range that includes state of the art technology to improve the safety of weapons training and reduce lead exposure to our police officers.

David also advocated for funding for our police and fire fighters to receive tuition assistance to further their education, and he supported the efforts of the citizen-led Police Advisory Committee to ensure our officers have the Personal Protective Equipment need to keep them safe in their service to us.


Parks, Recreation & Culture

David has led the Council in implementing the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and has worked to plan for the possible new City recreation center.


David initiated an agreement with the four operators at the tank farm on Pickett Road to plan for a new trail to connect the Comstock community to the Daniels Run trail, as well as to Pickett Road.

David successfully led the City to negotiate the relocation of the County-owned and County-operated property yard on West Street in the City. When the County does vacate the property yard, the City will own an additional four acres adjacent to Providence Park. The removal of this property yard from the City has been a goal of the City for nearly 50 years and David’s leadership will make this a reality.

For years, David was an active Fairfax Police Youth Club parent, supporting his children and the various sports programs offered through FPYC.  David has fought for additional funding for the upkeep and expansion of facilities and fields for these programs.

David has helped the Commission on the Arts draft and implement its Public Art policy and has been a strenuous advocate for adding art to the public spaces in our City.  David serves as on the Board of Directors for the Fall for the Book program and has been an enthusiastic supporter of this unique local program between our Library, George Mason University, and the City that promotes fiction and non-fiction writing and publishing.


City Services

David is very proud of our City’s Public Works programs and services that are unsurpassed in our region.  David has made funding for equipment, supplies, and personnel a priority to ensure that the trash pick-up, snow removal, recycling, tree plantings, and maintenance of our public spaces remains top-quality.   David continues to advocate for equipment needed by our crews to enable them to provide these superior services and to keep our workers safe while on the job.


George Mason University

George Mason University is a great asset to our region and our City.   As Mayor, David has substantially strengthened the relationship with GMU to foster a mutually productive “Town-Gown” partnership to address the mutual concerns of student housing and traffic, especially in those neighborhoods closest to the University.  When concerns arise regarding the impact of student life on our adjacent neighborhoods, David is an effective advocate for our residents by leveraging the resources of our City and maintaining productive relations with senior leadership of GMU.

Additionally, David continues to pursue opportunities for greater collaboration between the City and the University in areas of entrepreneurial programs and innovation that can engage our business community and the City with the talent and skills of faculty and students. 


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